The Implicit Self (piece)

The Implicit Self, is a continuous dance practice where I would like to destabilize the space by redirecting the iconography that possesses my way of moving. Having the desire to experience different ways of “rebirth” by exploring the space through the physicality of my body and responding to my visceral feelings and perceptions. On this occasion, I will collaborate with composer Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh. Together we are going to experiment scenic situations by building sound scores of live actions. In this sense, I like to allow my inner self to be exposed only as a fantasy, as an unstable surface, or as valuable alive matter that can be captured only through dance.
The Implicit Self is an ongoing process of experimentation based on my last research “The Origin of an Implicit Body Language” which was developed during the summer of 2016 in Venezuela. This process was supported by CILAS, Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies, and Fundación Andróginos from Mérida, Venezuela.

Pictures by Jim Carmody.

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