The Implicit Self.

The Implicit Self, is a dance solo. A continuous practice where I like to destabilize the space by redirecting the icons that have been possessed my way of moving. Having the desire to experience different ways of “reborn” in one body.
Is an ongoing process of experimentation. It is a dance solo based on my last research “The origin of an implicit body language” which was developed during the summer of 2016 in Venezuela.
This process was supported by CILAS, Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies and Fundación Andróginos en Mérida/Venezuela.

Score by Verónica Santiago Moniello
Music by Javier Fresneda.


Chronos-Exercising time

A collaboration between Hee Jung Shin & Johannes Regnier


Simultaneously Futura.
Choreography & direction by Verónica Santiago Moniello.

Simultaneously Futura is a dance piece, a biographical fable about the fantasy of my own birth, and a tribute to my mother. A piece where sound and spoken words create other layers which cover and mobilize the space. At the same time, the physical language becomes influenced by the presence of poetry.

San Diego, CA.


Measuring the Dream.
Direction: Yolande Snaith
Solo dance choreography by Verónica Santiago Moniello, score by Yolande Snaith.

Measuring the Dream is a multimedia dance collaboration that draws on “The Dream”, by Sor Juana Inés De La Cruz. The collaborative team includes Yolande Snaith, Victoria Petrovich, Ryan Welsh, Jose Lopez, Erin Tracy, Aurora Lagattuta, Heather Glabe, Veronica Santiago Moniello and Anne Gehman.
This project has embraced a creative process of cross-pollination of artistic ideas and practices, blurring the distinctions between the artist’s respective disciplines and conventional roles. The choreographic process has been a collective endeavor, bringing together several scores created by Yolande Snaith and the dancers in response to the text of ‘The Dream’ and research into the life of Sor Juana Inés De La Cruz. This work does not attempt to convey a linear narrative but aims to bring the space to life through a collective response to ‘The Dream’ and evoke an essence of Sor Juana’s thoughts and vision.

The production of Measuring the Dream is based on text, choreography, music and the visual world from the tragic life of Sor Juana Inez De La Cruz and her written works, in particular, The Dream.

Date: October 20th, 2016
Location: Calit2 Theater, Atkinson Hall, UC San Diego, CA
Host: Shahrokh Yadegari, Director, IDEAS